My disability is congenital, so I can’t even clearly remember the moment when I first realized that I was “different”. As a child, my peers avoided or mocked me. Even adults can be hurt with this, to say nothing of kids. But I turned out to be a fighter, so I learned how to fight back. Now I simply ignore any negative reactions.  


Cerebral palsy, like any health problem, develops patience and persistence. Most of the activities that healthy people take for granted require much effort from me, such as getting off the couch, standing on my feet, taking a shower, brushing my teeth. I can lose balance at any moment. I have difficulty eating, holding objects. I have difficulties with speech, so written communication is easier for me. 

Cerebral palsy makes you feel trapped inside your own body.

You have to fight all the time because, by some trick of nature, your body doesn’t listen to you.    

Despite this, I have been very active recently. I have friends, colleagues, and a favorite job. Today I work as a content manager in the youth association “Inclusive Society: New Reality”. I publish news, run social networks and talk about people with disabilities. 

My work helped me to build self-acceptance. Also, I am really inspired by the inclusive society in our city, and I admire the persistence and courage of its participants. By their example, they prove that disabilities are not an obstacle to finding your true self and a favorite job. When you have a strong desire, anything is possible. Self-pity leads nowhere.   


I know this may sound harsh, but it is important to filter your friends: to exclude from your circle those who feel sorry for you and think that you accept your situation. It is important for me to prove that I am not so different from healthy people, and that I am capable of achieving both personal and professional success. 

Every person is beautiful in their own way, you only need to see their true beauty and shape it, and this project proves it.     

Behind an attractive appearance, as a rule, there is a lot of work and self-discipline. But for me, physical beauty is meaningless without spiritual growth. I think, inner beauty is just as important as the outer one.